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Due to the increasing concern with the COVID-19 virus, we are changing how the pantry operates.  The procedure has changed as follows:

* Beginning August 1, 2020 all persons who request Root Cellar Pantry services will need to certify / re-certify in order to make an appointment.
* Use the Root Cellar Pantry Certification section below to fill out the CARE Intake Form and submit your certification documents.
* Use the link for CARE Intake Form to fill out the form.
* Use the Document Upload link to submit your certification documentation.
* You may receive Root Cellar Pantry Service twice a month once you have been certified.
* You must update our records with any changes to the household between visits to our Root Cellar Pantry.
* Once you have certified / re-certified you will need to contact our Root Cellar staff at (479) 282-2447 or to make an appointment.
* Pantry will have appointments available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
* Neighbors will come for his or her appointment day and time to receive a CARE food box.
* Neighbors will call the office to notify staff of his or her arrival, but remain outside to wait in his or her car for the CARE food box to be brought out to the table.  Once the volunteers go back inside, you may load your food into your car.  Make sure to unload the blue basket and leave the blue basket on the table.
* Neighbors will need to provide the following to be certified / re- certified:
   - State or Federal Photo ID for primary household member (head of household) and authorized adult household
      members who can pick up on behalf of the household
   - Social Security cards for all household members
   - Total number people living in the household 
   - Ages for all household members 
   - Ethnicity for all household members
   - Number of people employed in the household
   - The county in which you live
   - Income for all household members
   - All monthly expenses
   - Proof of residency (such as a utility bill)
   - Recent bank statement (if you have a bank account)

We look forward continuing to assist our neighbors we food from the Root Cellar Pantry.  We will get through this difficult time together as a community.  If you have questions contact us at the above phone number or email above.

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