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Root Cellar Pantry


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Policies and Procedures

Our Pantry Operations

* CARE Community Center has no geographic boundary to receive services
* All persons who request Root Cellar Pantry services need to make an appointment
* Please use the Root Cellar Pantry Appointment Calendar to make your pantry appointment
* You must make sure your information is up to date in our database prior to your pantry appointment (including but not limited to: first visit each calendar year, when you have not had an appointment for more than six months, or when a change is made to your household information)
* You must provide a valid email address that is active and can receive email correspondence.  If you provide an email address that bounces or does not exist, your appointment will be canceled, and you will have to reschedule your appointment with a valid email address (if you do not receive a confirmation email, you may not be registered for a Pantry appointment)
* You must make your appointment at least three days in advance
* In person pantry appointments are available Monday and Friday
* You may receive Pantry services once per calendar month
* Same day Pantry service is NOT available
* When you arrive for your appointment, please park in the middle of the parking lot and come inside (Suite 202)
* Check in on the iPad

* Please have your State or Federal photo ID ready
* Please take a seat in the waiting area

We look forward to continuing to assist our neighbors with food from the Root Cellar Pantry.  If you have questions contact us.  (479) 246-0104 or email 

Our Impact

Thank you to our Sponsors and Partners

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